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3 Reasons Why You Should Sign Up With Robinhood

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

The stock trading world has always been mysterious. Always behind a shroud of paperwork. An established financial curtain that hung in the way of the ordinary person wanting to trade on the market.

The secretive nature of the industry gave an opportunity for Robinhood to get into the market and reach everyone. They accomplished this through effective niche marketing and a solid business plan.

All you need do to is sign up; have your personal details ready, they will need your Social Security number or EIN to set up your account.


Robinhood is a free trading platform that does not charge you a commission fee when you trade. Any transactions you make is free and functions as a basic buy and sell transaction on the stock market. They do an excellent job of being a medium between traders. Just set your price and let the market make your money.

Simple to Use

The Robinhood platform has a simple layout and allows the new traders to use the app with ease. This simple layout allows traders to learn quickly and there are options available to add more information to your account for a better trade decision.

Market Disrupter

Once in a while a service comes along that disrupts the whole industry. Trading platforms had been raking profits from commission fees and where not planning on changing their ways. Along came Robinhood and forever changed the trading world.

There's been a few negative accusation directed towards Robinhood and its users. Like anything else, you know you're doing something right when a few established entities keep dropping negative hints about the newcomers.

The rich may want their playground back, but Robinhood users will fight for an even playing field.

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