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Starlink and X, Can Build a Global Social Media Empire

Facebook became extremely popular when people figured out, they could keep up with friends and family on the site. We did not have to wait till family gatherings to see everyone, instead we could see every milestone that our loved ones crushed.

Fast forward to present day X and what it can do. The new feature of being able to make and receive calls has changed the game for X.  The formally named Twitter company went from just being a site where people expressed their differing opinions, to now being the main global communication powerhouse.

This has brought me to my most important point, Starlink and X can now create a worldwide media empire using Starlink’s network and X’s communication and social media capabilities.

I will add that Elon needs to produce a phone that exists solely on Starlink’s network and with X as the only app on the phone. This phone needs to be affordable to the masses. Perhaps, a partnership with the ever-reliable Nokia might be in play.

If the phone works with only X, and Starlink’s network is free to use by those using X, one can forecast the migration of people to X. WhatsApp, YouTube, and Facebook can be challenged and dethroned.

India is market that needs major attention, its has around 500 Million WhatsApp users. Brazil might find X's new format particular interesting. Finally, the Asian markets would like company that fights for its transparency.

If the phone is affordable for everyone across the globe, dependable, and the network usage is free, X will have a major burst in growth.

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