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Biden Says Unity, Action Scream Division

Biden’s Action Scream Division

There’s an old saying, “Actions speak louder than words.”

Biden’s inauguration speech was all about unity. The word unity was mentioned repeatedly as Biden tried to psychologically drive the point home.

Yet, when he went into office, he immediately repealed Trump’s executive orders that the other side of the isle held dearly to.

These moves disenfranchised over 60 Million voters, so much for wanting unity.

Here’s a top 5 list of what Biden has overturned in his first week

* The top of the list was the Paris Accord. Most Non-Democrats did not want more government involved in their daily life under the guise of saving the planet. More government involvement means more taxations.

*Taxation under Biden will be one of the highest under any sitting President.

*Border security and lowering the key requirements for immigration.

*Key Stone Project- The shutting down of the project without any other alternative has affected more than 10,000 jobs

This is a very divisive period of US history, what President Biden does will either cool things off or add more fuel to the fire that’s threatening to rage.

Saying unity and committing aggressive divisive acts will further drive the wedge of division deeper.

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