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The Metaverse Will Fail

Facebook was built on connecting people. This was real memories, and actual pictures and families brought Facebook to the front of human interactions. A tech substitute for meetings and coffee dates. A method that connected people for a moment and could replace the human interaction for short term purposes.

Studies have found that humans need at least 1 hour of human interaction a day. Facebook was able to connect family and friends and help ease that need. That is the core of their business.

Metaverse is a 3D rendering of reality. Yes, its awful, due to the bandwidth and the system it runs on. The worst part is, evil always follows humankind. There are now reports of cyber assaults going on in the Metaverse.

Metaverse is an attempt to appeal to the chemical composition of the brain. Attempting to artificially induce the chemical reactions that takes place when we see people, we have something in common with.

I see some absurd scales and graphs from people who have bought into the universe. That’s overhyping something that most people have no interest in. Metaverse will never ever take over reality.

Facebook made the wrong decisions when they decided to go heavily into the Metaverse.

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