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Game Stop Short Squeeze Unites the US

This David and Goliath battle has given the two political disputing sides a a common enemy.

It is the elite versus the common man. The stock market it a very scary place. Usually, its operated by supply and demand, other times its manipulated daily by hedge funds that can move a large amount of stock affecting price and the everyday trader.

The everyday trader is usually just collateral in the hedge funds pursuit for profit. Everyday traders just trying to make some extra money have been heavily affected. This has been going on for years. Yet, nothing was done about it.

Finally, Reddit was used to do something about the unfair play. The overwhelming support form frustrated traders who were burnt a few times all chiming in to bury a common enemy.

Right now, Robinhood has restricted trading on Game Stop to just selling. This move has angered many of the app’s users. If the stock cant be bought, it cant move. Extremely deceptive practice from Robinhood.

Americans have finally come together to unite against a common enemy. Senator Ted Cruz even retweeted Senator Alexander Ocasio-Cortez tweet. I personally never thought Id ever see something like that.

This is exactly what this country needed. People working together to benefit themselves without relying on the government or being told what to do or think.

This is no longer just trading, this is a movement against the powers that be, and Wall Street isn’t happy.

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