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How a Mama Bear and 40K Cost McAuliffe the Election

How $40,000 and a group of Mama and Papa Bear Cost McAuliffe Governor’s sit in Virginia

The Virginia Governor’s seat, once held tightly by Democrats was up for grabs. For context, Trump lost Virginia by a landslide.

This brings up an interesting point with Trump and the Democrats fascinations with him. While Younkin made his race about the people of Virginia and their problems, the former governor continued to spew rhetoric that had Trump hate at its core.

It all started when Asra Nomani, a woman of color, who is Muslim and an immigrant picked book called “Woke Baby”. This book caused the Mama Bear to become concerned about what was being taught in the school that her child attended.

She got together with a group of parents who were concerned about what their kids were being taught. They brought their concerns up to the school board but were promptly dismissed.

Here’s the kicker, they tried to get the former Governor of Virginia to come speak to them. Apparently, he wanted to charge them 40,000.00 big ones, just to come speak to them.

Who charges potential voters to help listen to their needs?

She got other parents involved. And very soon, Governor Younkin had a group of very committed Mama and Papa Bears helping his election campaign.

She went on Fox News and multiple NEWS networks talking about the issue of the everyday citizen. Attended multiple rallies and help cement in the minds of the voters that the Republican candidate was the way to go.

The everyday mom and dad now understand the power they have at the ballot. Make your voices heard, vote not on failed ideologies of the socialists, but according to your reality.

For too long parents have trusted kids to be taught the right thing. Unfortunately, agendas and wrong ideals are making their way into our public-school systems. Mama Bears and Papa Bears, it's time to take back our public-school systems.

Get involved in your child’s education, go to school meetings, question the material being taught. This country needs active and involved parents more than ever before.

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