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Jack Ma's Ali Bye Bye

Jack Ma has not been sighted for a few weeks now. After a brief spat with the Chinese Communist Party, Jack Ma has not been seen since.

Many believe that he’s in hiding or in a concentration camp, maybe even awaiting trial.

His disappearance may stem from Ma’s continues passive aggressive jabs at the CCP’s political policies on economical topics. Ma was publicly warned repeatedly via People’s Daily, which is operated by the State.

Ma’s case came to light when he was planning on launching ANTS IPO. This is company is part of the payment platform called Alipay.

The Chinese Communist Government has been cracking down on financial institutions and taking a microscopic look at their business practices. This is so that the can stay ahead of the Chinese big tech companies and maintain power.

Jack Ma is ex-military so he should be aware of how things play out when one goes against the Chinese Government's wishes.

His status in the coming weeks will be a warning to the rest of the world, especially foreign investors and sympathizers. A warning that ties with the Chinese government can be dangerous.

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