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Why IDEX? Ideanomics the Giant

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

A company that has partners with new innovative companies coming into the market. Providing more then financing through their management team.

The Hinderburg Research just posted that they are shorting the stock. Accused IDEX of doctoring a picture and then they posted an old picture of the show room.

Their AI driving system for one of their partners is set to disrupt the market.

Their new strategy is to reach the new global market for AI cars

Multi Day Runner starting on 06/18/20 and all signs point to continue into 06/26/20

Got Compliance on 06/23/2020

6/25/20 was a bad day for the stock, but they are will bounce back

Multiple contracts and Alf Poor (CEO) that is interested in driving this company to succeed,

Alf Poor has been dropping PR after PR

They are going into the trucking industry

Know what your holding

Financials look great from here

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