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Wokeism vs Innovation

How do you find the line where wokism passes innovation or hen does innovation cross the line into wokeism?

That’s when your employer and government think that they know better than the rest of us.

Capitalism is at its base, is the the free will to choose. To be left alone to one’s own will.

The core mission of every company should be to be profitable. Most time innovation excels a business.

Most times innovation is encouraged, but at what point does it cross into the domain of a tyrannical system. Where you either conform, or you’re annihilated. Were a group of people think they know what’s best for their company workers, outside of their scope of business.

In their quest to rise above their competitors, top tier management are now intertwining wokeism and innovation. Were the fundamental rights of an employee are pushed aside. Greater good is used as an excuse to marginalize the free man. Even in some cases, those who do not conform are discriminated against.

A fantastic example is the way the government has been treating covid. With a 90% recovery rate, is this really a pandemic or a plan for opportunist to grab more power?

Businesses have the responsibility to make sure that the rights of their workers are protected. Remember folks, Government Leaders function on your taxes, always hold them accountable and never allow them to encroach on your freedom.

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